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New patients are always looking for ways to find out more about surgeons that they hope to use for their own, or a loved one's procedure. It is important to have confidence in your surgeon's knowledge, skills and abilities. It is also vital to have a sense of who a surgeon is as a human being, since trust and a postive attitude are very important keys to the success of any surgery.


We believe that no one says it better than our patients, or the doctors that we have the priviledge to work with.


In the Patient Testimonials section we have the same video that is on our home page which features comments from both patients, and some of the doctors and staff who has done procedures with Dr. Miller. We hope that you find it informative, and that gives you a clear idea of what kind of doctor John Miller is.

Additionally, in the Physician Testimonials section, we have also interviewed other surgeons that Dr. Miller has worked with to find out more about Dr. Miller from a fellow doctor's perspective. Please don't hesitate to call us with any questions or concerns that you might have.


Tamra Dixon
Administrator/Office Manager
Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center
Suite 300, DMRI Building. 1st Floor
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