Experience and Compassion




  • Dr. Miller's practice is set apart from other neurosurgery practices and specialists facilities by his highly personal, empathetic, and communicative approach to patient care at the community level.

  • He strongly believes that early intervention, coupled with a solid one-on-one approach, are essential keys for successfully treating a variety of neurological disorders including stroke, aneurysms, brain tumors, disorders of the spine, peripheral nerve entrapments and hydrocephalus.

  • Years of experience at many hospitals under "triage" (emergency) circumstances has allowed Dr. Miller to handle cases with a calm and knowledgeable attitude. He can assess immediately what a patient needs and make both timely and sound judgment calls. He is an expert in building trusted, dedicated teams that are unique for every patient. He is a caring, and powerful advocate for his patients.

  • While large institutions can offer some highly specialized options, a rapid or immediate response at the patient’s community level can be a huge life saving advantage in many
    urgent situations.

  • Dr. Miller, in concert with his neurosurgical colleagues, uses the latest proven techniques in neurosurgery, including computer-guided surgical neuronavigation, minimally invasive endoscopy, and microsurgery

Dr. Miller is highly regarded in his field and inspires confidence and trust on the part of his patients, their primary physicians, and families by offering the ideal combination of:

  • Local state-of-the-art expertise.

  • Rapid response.

  • Continuity of care within reach of important family and physician support.

  • Specialty in brain tumors, aneurysms, strokes and subarachnoid hemorrhage.

  • He builds dedicated teams unique for every patient. Dr. Miller makes it his business to know resources for his patients. If he is not the right person for the job, he finds the right person in his vast network of "strategic partners".

  • Dr. Miller leads a culturally diverse staff to work with and be sensitive to a culturally diverse population of patients.

  • Having been a patient many times himself, he is sensitive to the fears and concerns of his patients. Dr. Miller knows how to reassure people to calm their fears while having them understand their treatments.

  • Dr. Miller really gets to know his patients, makes them comfortable, and follows their progress. 

  • Through many years of practice and collegial associations spanning a number of prestigious institutions, Dr. Miller can advocate for his patients by assembling a team with the best skill sets to render best practice treatments safely and with compassion.

  • Dr. Miller has years of experience, yet he still benefits from learning the latest techniques and maintains a priority of continuing medical education.  He maintains Board Certification in Neurosurgery and had prior Board Certification in Pediatric Neurosurgery.

  • With his years of experience, Dr. Miller has provided leadership to develop resources for neurosurgical care involving hospital stroke programs, pediatrics and neurotrauma.